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Thyme to be is a ready-to-eat meal prep and delivery service.

All our delicious healthy meals are cooked by real chefs, using seasonal fresh local organic ingredients.Our chefs prepare the meals from scratch daily and we deliver them fresh to your home or your office straight from our kitchen,or you can pick them up.

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Sign up for one of Thyme To Be Meal Plans and let our chefs do all your healthy cooking!Our meal plans are more flexible than your yoga instructor!You can pause, cancel or change your Meal Plan at any time.

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Take a break from the shopping, meal prepping, cooking and cleaning and let our chefs make your meals this week!Our professional chefs prepare different menu every week. The meals are healthy and yummy, blending a wide range of seasonal ingredients.Whether you just want a quick lunch on Monday or a full week of lunches and dinners, complete with starters, desserts, and drinks, you can always check what’s on our menu this week.

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We cater for all your dietary requirements!

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Thyme To Be Meals

Thyme To Be Meal Plans and Eat This Week meals are two great options to eat healthy.

And if you don't feel like signing up for a Meal Plan you can always check out our Healthy desserts meals.

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Why Eat with Thyme to Be

Thyme To Be offers a wide and healthy selection of fully prepared, freshly cooked,  chef-made meals prepared and delivered to you.

You should eat with us if you are looking for healthy fresh restaurant-quality mealswithout the fuss around shopping, meal prepping, cooking and cleaning.

All our meals are carefully designed to contain healthy nutrients for your body. Our certified chefs cook your meals from scratch using raw seasonal natural ingredients and we then deliver the fresh meals to your home or office, or you can pick them up.

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