It’s Thyme to Be!

How often in our frantic everyday lives do we really find the time to pause for a moment, tune out all distractions, relax, enjoy ourselves and just… be?

Do it now! Take a breath, stop thinking about anything in particular for a few minutes, put off worrying for later and just focus on yourself and how grateful you are for your loved ones. Enjoy where you are. Doesn’t it feel amazing? What could make it even better and an even more fulfilling experience is a delicious meal to delight your senses… But then you’d have to cook it and by the time you’re done some urgent matter would probably need your attention. With modern life being what it is, we often view relaxation-time as a luxury and bump it all the way down on our priority list.

But if somebody else cooked for you, couldn’t mealtimes be those brief, carefree moments? We all have to eat anyway, don’t we? There’s no avoiding it. Why not turn a meal into a treat? Into a little daily break which can boost your mood and energise you? Thyme to Be wants to help you do that!

What is Thyme to Be?

Thyme to Be is a healthy food preparation and delivery service. It can be your key to a healthier diet, tailored to the needs of you and your family. Thyme to Be’s goal is to:

  • use responsibly sourced high quality ingredients;
  • give you access to a great variety of delicious recipes freshly prepared by a professional chef;
  • save you time and energy so you can focus on the other important things in your life.

Thyme to Be is not just about the food – it’s a philosophy.

We know that a meal can be much more than just something that’s necessary for survival. We also believe that what you put into your body can influence what you put out into the world. Happy and healthy people can spread their love even further, and health and happiness are connected to what we eat. We want to promote the value of food as medicine by offering our clients the best nutritional options for their circumstances, including things they may find difficult to source or prepare by themselves. We also want to remind everyone how good healthy food can help us connect with our family and friends.

How successful we are in these goals depends on our clients!

You are the inspiration and the motivation behind what we do! Every family which sits down together for a meal, enjoying each other’s company, and every person who changes their diet for the better with the help of Thyme to Be is a dream come true for us. So, if you decide to start your culinary journey with our service, we encourage you to be open-minded, self-loving and adventurous so that together we can make your meals the “thyme” to be, whatever you desire to be!