Takeaway the healthy way

When you think of ordering a meal to be delivered to your home, do you imagine a mountain of junk food that you binge on in front of the TV. Is “ordering in” synonymous with lazy and unhealthy? Regardless of whether the idea of that mountain of junk food sounds appealing to you or not, with the current coronavirus crisis it’s time to change the way we view “takeaway”!

The quarantine time-paradox – there’s too much of it but never enough!

Just because they are spending more time in our houses does not necessarily mean that we are any less busy. Many may be working from home. This can, paradoxically, be even more stressful and time-consuming than being in the office. Others may be stay-at-home parents whose children now require more patience, ingenuity and attention than ever because they are bored, frustrated and maybe even struggling with school under current conditions. Not only is there so much to do in a day but even shopping is suddenly a complicated task. Do we always have the time and energy to cook three healthy meals per day for ourselves and our family? For most people the answer is no. That’s when we think: “Hey, I’ll just have something delivered!”

Great! How about something nutritious, well-balanced and prepared by a talented chef?

What if you and your family were to actually sit at the table and enjoy this meal together, relaxing, communicating and having fun?

Does this sound like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be! Good food has the power to uplift people’s moods and bring them together, not to mention the benefits it brings to our bodies. The truth is that healthy, high-quality food-delivery services do exist, we just don’t always look for them or use them! Do you tend to go for your usual fast food place? The force of habit is strong but you may be surprised how much you have to gain by breaking it.

Here are all the things you don’t have to worry about when you order healthy meals for your family from a trusted company:

  • Is what you are feeding your family well-balanced?
  • Are the ingredients safe and high-quality?
  • Will you get dinner on the table before everyone starts banging on their plates?
  • Will you find the right products for what you want to cook?
  • Will you mess up the recipe?

Imagine letting go of all that stress and just letting yourself and your loved ones be taken care of for the span of a mealtime. That way you can focus on what really matters – the people in your life. You and your family may even end up trying things you haven’t tried before, setting off on a fun little culinary adventure together.

Give it a go, it may be well worth it!