The falafel is truly delicious!


My husband was so happy with your food at his business party!


Thanks a lot for your support!!!!! All savoury and sweet snacks were fantastic and very delicious! All kids and parents enjoyed very much!


The food is above my highest expectation!!! I am very happy as well as my colleagues!! Thank you very much! Everyone asked about the source of that. The business cards were very useful!


Many thanks again for the help! The mango cake was super good! The adults loved it and so did babies and kids! For sure there will be a next order.


Wow !!! Merci encore, le gâteau était phénoménal !!!


Food is always fresh and you can taste the love with which it’s prepared! Delicious!


Thank you for this great initiative! Everything was delicious, even with all my intolerances!


The food (ceviche) was great 🥰😍 Just loved the flavors of lime and coconut milk (that was an unexpected mix but I loved it!) with a bit of hot spices🤟 Although the ceviche is getting more popular these days, unfortunately it’s not as popular as sushi or carpaccio for the moment I’m simply glad and thankful that you made one as a delivery menu (plus in such a hot weather) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Looking forward to seeing your elaborated menu and ordering again!


C’est ouf les goûts dedans comme ils sont trop bons Et la tarte comme elle est bonne


We’ve just enjoyed your healthy breakfast – soooo delicious again and everything went well after that, ready to enjoy our day!


Today I happened to be in a shop and, relaxed, I could enjoy looking around with my little girl, without stressing out about my shopping list!


I’m totally impressed how incredibly DELICIOUS it is We’ve just had dinner prepared by you and enjoyed it sooo-soooo much!!!!! Both the girls loved it as well, not to mention daddy, who will be relaxed and happy when he’ll come home from work and will find such a choice! And I personally have no words to describe my happiness and amazing feeling that my fridge is full of very good FRESHLY PREPARED food – For once I am not stressed and have finally time to spend with my girls! Thanks a lot!


What an amazing initiative! Husband and kids are happy, I can relax and enjoy healthy ready food with my family after a long day at work!


We are so happy with the food and the service! Thank you!


Super, j’aime beaucoup! Les recettes sont très créatives et on sent que c’est frais 🙂 Les repas est très abondant!


Food is fantastic and fresh! We also tried the healthy version of the junk food! Amazing!


All great, thank you! We really appreciate the compostable containers


Thank you so much for the all the wonderful meals!