Thyme to Detox!

After festive dishes, it is a good time to detox. Don’t be afraid by the word “detox”. The idea is not to make you starve but rather it is a “cocooning” period of about 10 days during which you take care of yourself. This will give your digestive system a short break and facilitate elimination of toxins.

Here below my 5 key tips:

  1. Drink at least 1,5L per day of mineral water, green tea, rooibos or hibiscus infusion
  2. Consume more fruits and vegetables rich in protective nutrients and eat less meat, sugar and processed food. In practice, you can follow these 2 tips:
    1. Have 3/4 of your plate full of vegetables;
    2. Plan once a week a soup for dinner and once a week a fruit and vegetable juice for afternoon break and skip the dinner (intermittent fasting).
  3. Reduce exposure to toxic substances.
    • Prefer the most natural organic foods with the fewest additive and preservatives.
    • Choose cosmetics without phthalates and paraben;
    • Abandon the use of plastic containers in favor glass jars.
  4. Facilitate the elimination of toxins by helping 2 important emunctories: liver and kidneys. In practice, you can choose:
    • Cruciferous such as broccoli and all kind of cabbages particularly interesting to stimulate the hepatic detox of the liver.
    • Beetroot, carrots, ananas, leek, endives, celery, garden cress, apple to help kidneys to eliminate toxins
    • Food rich in vitamin C such as: oranges, lemon, kiwi, kale, raw pepper, broccoli
  5. Exercise at least 5 times a week . For example, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) every other day and physical activity the other days (walking, swimming, cycling with family about 45 min a day).

If you plan a detox program, it is important to be accompanied by a trained health professional who will advise you on food and herbal supplements.

And please note that detox program are relevant not only after festive period but also before a weight loss program, if you plan to have a child, if you have been especially exposed to toxic substances, if you show some specific symptoms of hepatitis overload.


Good luck and Happy Healthy Year!

Florence in collaboration with Thyme to Be in Luxembourg


Who’s the author?

Florence Legrand

Reviewed by

Alice Cappato